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everything she touches fails
NRCC | March 2, 2018

Failed DCCC recruit Jennifer Wexton is trying and failing to attack Barbara Comstock on standing up to sexual harassment – an issue that she has led the charge on in congress.

Shot: “Comstock’s coziness with this backwards group is further proof that she is not to be trusted by the millions of sexual harassment and abuse victims who so clearly need a champion fighting for them — not undermining them — in Congress,” Wexton said this week in a statement.

Chaser: “Comstock (R), who is seeking a third term, has emerged recently as one of the loudest voices on Capitol Hill against sexual misconduct in Congress. Comstock has worked to reform the process for handling complaints against members or staff and to require sexual harassment training.”

From the Washington Examiner – “Democrat’s bizarre attack on Barbara Comstock unintentionally showcases failures of feminism

“The candidate’s obvious goal is to undermine Comstock’s anti-sexual harassment advocacy, simultaneously casting herself as the true champion of women.

“The sentiment is both absurd and representative of the broader feminist movement’s central problem. If Wexton has policy differences with Comstock — who has actually offered policy solutions to questions about pervasive harassment — she should say so. Instead, she targets Comstock’s affiliation with a nonleftist group. I’m tempted to say Wexton recognizes that and is merely using IWF as a wedge because some campaign consultants told her to. But given the longstanding feminist tradition of interpreting reasonable disagreements with their dogma as anti-woman, I’m not confident.”

If Keyboard Warrior Jennifer Wexton wants to actually make a difference, she could start by closing her computer and putting forth some real policy initiatives, like Barbara Comstock has done. Until then, she should probably focus on raising some money in order to save her failing campaign.

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