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PA-18 Candidate Rick Saccone: Winning Elections Is About the Message, Not the Money
NRCC | March 2, 2018

Today, Republican PA-18 candidate Rick Saccone joined Fox News’ Dana Perino to discuss his winning strategy in the March 13 special election. Saccone also warned of his opponent’s two-faced pandering to voters.

PA-18 CANDIDATE RICK SACCONE: My opponent, Conor the Chameleon, remember—he’s got two faces to try to fund. He’s got—one day he’s trying to be pro-life, and the next day he’s pro-choice. One day he’s pro-gun, the next day he’s not pro-gun. It takes a lot of money when you’re trying to fund two different faces to your campaign. But you know what, if it was all about the money, remember, Jeb Bush would’ve been our nominee and Hillary’d be President right now. It’s about the message. When I ran my first race in a 76% Democrat district, I had $1,500 that my wife and I had saved up to start with. It’s how you spend your money and it’s how you deliver your message, and we’ve got a strong message that sells very well in our community.

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