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PA-18 Candidate Rick Saccone: Conor Lamb Can’t Be Trusted To Keep Drug Kingpins Off Our Streets
NRCC | March 4, 2018

Yesterday, Republican PA-18 candidate Rick Saccone faced off against Democrat Conor Lamb in the last debate before the March 13 special election. Saccone pointed to a plea bargain Conor Lamb allowed for a drug kingpin during his time as a prosecutor, and argued that criminals such as these who destroy communities should be given the maximum possible punishment. The NRCC has launched ads against Conor Lamb for such plea bargains.

PA-18 CANDIDATE RICK SACCONE: As far as I can see, if you look up the cases they’re citing, he let some drug dealers off. He talks about how he’s for opioid—he let a drug kingpin off on a plea bargain. I don’t think we should be doing that. I think we should be giving them the maximum sentence. That’s what we should do in government—not let people off.

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