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Lamb’s featured guest
NRCC | March 6, 2018

Today Conor Lamb will further align himself with his liberal supporters by campaigning with Joe Biden.

Here’s a quick refresher on the Obama-Biden administration’s record in Pennsylvania:

  • Saddled Pennsylvania with a failed healthcare law that’s increased premiums by more than 30 percent in the last year alone.
  • Threatened to veto legislation that would have stripped sanctuary cities of federal grants if they refused to cooperate with immigration agencies to keep dangerous criminals off the streets.
  • Increased taxes on middle-class families and suffocated small businesses with burdensome regulations.

It just so happens Conor Lamb is campaigning on the same failed agenda. Lamb opposes the GOP’s middle-class tax cuts, supports Obamacare, and waffles every time he’s asked about sanctuary cities.

Birds of a feather…

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