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The DCCC is Losing the Democratic Civil War
NRCC | March 7, 2018

It seems like the best thing that can happen to a Democrat in a crowded primary is to be brutally attacked by the DCCC.

Just ask Laura Moser.

Despite the DCCC “going nuclear” on Moser to prevent her from advancing to the runoff, voting data shows us the attack actually helped her. As ABC reports-

The biggest race of the night for the party goes to a runoff, setting up months of conflict between the establishment and its progressive wing and leading to questions about whether or not the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee should have publicly interfered in the contest.

The campaign committee – which usually only attacks Republicans – criticized Laura Moser for an essay she wrote in 2014 that appeared to criticize life in Texas. Moser received a surge of national attention after the DCCC’s interference.

Moser surged on election day voting thanks to what MSNBC’s Steve Kornacki says is a “clear backlash” against the DCCC for savaging a member of their own party.

The only question left is: Which liberal extremist will the DCCC inadvertently help next?

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