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PA-18 Candidate Rick Saccone: As A State Representative, I Ran And Won On The Trump Agenda
NRCC | March 8, 2018

Today, Republican PA-18 candidate Rick Saccone joined Fox Business’ Stuart Varney to discuss the issues in play and how his agenda is one of proven success for the people of Pennsylvania’s 18th district.

RICK SACCONE: I was elected originally on the same agenda that President Trump nationalized – that of cutting taxes, cutting spending, rolling back regulations that are strangling our business, repealing and replacing Obamacare, taking care of our veterans, rebuilding our military, taking care of our unborn children, and enhancing our second amendment rights, and support, appointing conservative justices to the court system – all those things. The same agenda that I ran on, President Trump nationalized. That is why we are so tight, because we’re fighting for the same thing that the people of the 18th congressional district voted me in for before, and voted President Trump in a year and a half ago.

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