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followers over family
NRCC | April 16, 2018

We’ve seen plenty of ridiculous comments from Randy Bryce, but this one takes the cake.

Bryce: “I guarantee I’ll take better care of (Paul Ryan’s) family than he did to take care of mine.”

The facts beg to differ. He was exposed by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel after a lien was placed on his property holdings for failing to pay child support. Bryce waited until after launching his campaign to finally catch up on the debt.

The lien was placed in September 2015, when Bryce claims he fell on difficult financial times. But he apparently had the resources to buy fake Twitter followers that same year, as confirmed by his campaign’s spokeswoman.

“It says a lot about Randy Bryce’s priorities when fraudulently boosting his Twitter following took precedence over catching up on child support payments.” – NRCC Spokesman Chris Martin

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