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Andy Kim caught in another lie
NRCC | April 18, 2018

Andy Kim’s lies continue to pile up.

First it was the widening scandal stemming from Kim claiming a special tax break on his Washington, D.C. condo after he registered and voted in New Jersey. Now he’s trying to rewrite history when it comes to his comments on tax reform.

Via Burlington County Times:

“But what may be surprising is that Kim says he’s not necessarily in favor of a fast repeal of the law if Democrats managed to win back control of Congress.”

That’s an interesting statement given the fact that Andy Kim’s own website encourages his supporters to “Take Action to Repeal the Trump Tax”

“Like a typical Washington insider, Andy Kim thinks he can lie and deceive his way to Congress. Voters aren’t falling for it – and they know he would do everything in his power to take away their tax cuts.” – NRCC Spokesman Chris Martin

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