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…by way of Omaha
NRCC | May 16, 2018

Did you see this last night?

Vox: Medicare-for-all progressive woman wins surprise victory in a key Nebraska House primary

Brad Ashford, a “moderate” former Congressman endorsed by the DCCC and House Democratic leadership, was knocked off in last night’s primary by a pro-single payer progressive, Kara Eastman.

Sound familiar?

Eastman was outspent by over 3-to-1, and even forced Ashford to adopt many of her far-left positions… but ended up winning anyway.

Look for this trend to continue in Democratic primaries across the country – including in Arizona, Texas, and Colorado, where the Democratic establishment’s attempt to prop up Ann Kirkpatrick, Lizzie Fletcher, and Jason Crow may very well go up in flames… just like it did in Nebraska.

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