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cat got your tongue?
NRCC | May 16, 2018

Chrissy Houlahan has been a candidate for more than a year and still refuses to answer one basic question: Will she support Nancy Pelosi for speaker?

From an interview with NPR this morning:

NPR Host: “Do you support Pelosi?”

Houlahan: “I only get that question from press or the media.” (No answer)

And here’s Houlahan’s non-answer during an interview with MSNBC yesterday:

Hallie Jackson: “So I’ll ask you the question that a lot of Democrats running for Congress have been asked. if you get elected, would you back Nancy Pelosi to be speaker if the Democrats take the house?

Houlahan: “That’s a fascinating question, because it’s a question that I literally only get asked by the press and by people in Washington D.C. here in my community –“

Hallie Jackson: “Do you think it’s an unfair question?”

Houlahan: “I think it’s a premature question.”

Chrissy is twisting herself into a pretzel trying to avoid showing voters how liberal she really is.

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