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Brad, is that you?
Jack Pandol | May 17, 2018

It’s Week One of Kara Eastman as a general election candidate, and she’s trying to walk back from one of the hardline progressive stances that propelled her to victory over the Democratic establishment’s choice.

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Eastman denied that she had earlier expressed support for a constitutional amendment “to define what bearing arms means,” limiting Second Amendment rights for law-abiding gun owners.

Problem: the Omaha World-Herald reported her support for it verbatim.

We all know about Brad Ashford’s notorious difficulty with consistency. But even Brad said in the same WSJ article: “Kara Eastman is going to have to convince the voters that even though she may be more liberal than the district that it doesn’t really matter.”

Kara Eastman can’t change her stripes now. She’s on record supporting European-style single payer, limiting Second Amendment rights, and a litany of other far-left fantasies – and she owns every single one of them.

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