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mccready’s latest endorsement
NRCC | May 18, 2018

Big news in NC-09! Uncle Joe endorsed Dan McCready.

Let’s recap what we saw during the Obama/Biden Administration:

  • nearly $2,500 more in taxes for NC-09 families
  • a stagnant economy
  • high unemployment
  • endless onerous regulations
  • constant executive overreach
  • an always expanding government
  • an antiquated, underfunded military
  • ISIS at large

Unfortunately for McCready, we already know how this plays out in NC-09. This is the same liberal agenda Hillary Clinton ran on and lost with voters in the district rejecting it by 12 points.

As McCready continues racking up endorsements from the Democratic establishment, he’s leaving voters with no doubt that he stands firmly with the Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden wing of the party. Their policies didn’t work for North Carolinians then, and they won’t work for them now either.

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