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the largest tax increase in history
NRCC | June 8, 2018

This week Nancy Pelosi confirmed that if Democrats retake the House, implementing a government-run single-payer healthcare system is “on the table.”

According to a nonpartisan analysis by the Urban Institute, a system like that would cost taxpayers $32 trillion over ten years. Funding it would require the largest tax hike in American history.

Here are the facts:

  • Matt Cartwright is already a cosponsor of a single-payer bill in the House
  • Cartwright has voted with Nancy Pelosi 96% of the time since he took office
  • Cartwright voted against the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act, which provided middle-class families of four in PA-08 a $3,566 tax cut

Matt Cartwright has proven he’s nothing more than a rubber stamp for Nancy Pelosi’s liberal agenda.

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