7 Unbelievable Things Nancy Pelosi Has Said This Cycle

June 12, 2018

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Nancy Pelosi is the gift that keeps on giving to the NRCC. Between her abysmal approval ratings and growing list of gaffes, it’s no wonder Democrats can’t seem to get far enough away from her.

Let’s take a stroll down memory lane to revisit Nancy Pelosi’s most absurd comments from the 2018 election cycle (so far):

7. “On the table”

Just last week, Nancy admitted that single payer health care is “on the table” if Democrats regain control of the House. One little issue there—reports estimate single payer would cost the U.S. $32 trillion over the next decade.

6. “We will win. I will run for Speaker.”

Speaking to Boston Globe last month, Nancy predicted that, not only would Democrats regain control of the House this November, but that she would garner enough support to win back Speakership. Except we can’t find any Democrats willing to stand by her these days. Maybe that’s because of her dreadful approval ratings throughout the country?

5. Everything she said during her 8-hour rant on the House floor

Remember when Nancy refused to yield from the House floor for 8 hours? Turns out that made a lot of Democrats “furious.” We didn’t mind, though.

4. “That’s accurate”

When asked at a Politico event last month whether Democrats would raise taxes if they regain control of the House, Nancy replied that the statement is “accurate.” Nancy, please explain to us why you think raising taxes on Americans is a winning campaign strategy?

3. “Hip hip hooray”

Last week, Nancy Pelosi mocked the upward turn in the American economy under Republican leadership. More specifically, she mocked how the improving economy benefits the middle class. Full quote: “Hip hip hooray, unemployment is down. What does that mean to me in my life? I need a bigger paycheck.” Reality check, Nancy: Americans are receiving bigger paychecks, thanks to historic tax reform passed by Republicans in December.

2. “Armageddon”

In a desperate attempt to stop House passage of tax reform, Nancy Pelosi said the legislation would lead to “Armageddon.” As it turns out, ‘Armageddon’ has worked out extremely well for millions of Americans currently benefiting from the law.

1. “Crumbs”

Of all of Nancy’s blunders this election cycle (again—so far) this one takes the crown. Despite the numerous ways tax reform has improved both individuals’ lives and the economy as a whole, Nancy Pelosi has repeatedly scoffed at it, refering to its payouts as “crumbs.” The multi-millionaire Minority Leader also called the benefits people receive from the law “pathetic.” Nancy, not that we would expect you to understand this, but that money means a lot to middle-class Americans.