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The Best Choice For Our Nation
NRCC | July 11, 2018

On Monday, President Trump announced his appointee for Supreme Court, Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

As a Federal Judge on the Court of Appeals for DC’s Circuit, Kavanaugh has proven himself worthy of trust on our nation’s high court. With decades of proven relevant experience, and an Ivy League education from Yale University, Judge Kavanaugh is a natural fit for the Supreme Court. As the New York Post’s Editorial Board put it—

Judge Kavanaugh, 53, is widely seen as one of the top legal minds of his generation — so much so that now-Justice Elena Kagan recruited him to teach at Harvard Law, where students across the spectrum rave about him.

Judge Kavanaugh, a 53-year old member of the Catholic community in Washington, D.C. and staunch family man, has shown deep respect for our nation’s values, laws, and institutions throughout his career. During his 2006 confirmation hearing before members of the Senate, Kavanaugh told now-Minority Leader Chuck Schumer that he would uphold rulings of the high court, showing his unbiased approach to the law.

Senator John McCain is one of many lawmakers to praise President Trump’s selection, saying that Judge Kavanaugh has “impeccable credentials” and is a “fair, mainstream judge.”

Judge Kavanaugh, as someone with a strong record of upholding our Constitution—the highest law of our land—has built a strong, impressive reputation and earned widespread respect, both in his personal and professional lives. With Justice Kennedy’s retirement, there is no one better to replace the Supreme Court vacancy than Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

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