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here’s where we stand
NRCC | July 12, 2018

Take Action Minnesota is protesting Jason Lewis’s office tomorrow morning, simply because he does not support a government controlled single-payer system.

The subject of the protest isn’t surprising. This group is known for touting extreme, far-left policies. However, it IS surprising that they’ve made Jason Lewis a target. His opponent Angie Craig, who they are trying to prop-up, came out against single-payer a week ago, after dodging the question for the better part of a year.

Will Take Action Minnesota be heading back to MN after tomorrow’s protest in DC to protest Angie Craig’s office?

It’s possible that they are counting on Angie Craig flip-flopping on her stance on single-payer – since that’s what she does on nearly every issue. Keith Ellison even called for ads to be run against Angie Craig for not supporting single-payer, so she’s certainly feeling the heat.

Here’s where we stand:
•    Craig was hit by a liberal organization for working to undermine Obamacare in the past.
•    Craig refused to get behind Democrat’s litmus test, single-payer.
•    Craig’s fellow Minnesota Democrat, Keith Ellison, wants to run ads against her.
•    Craig can no longer count on progressive groups, like Take Action Minnesota, to prop her up.

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