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The Pelosi Problem: Part I
NRCC | July 12, 2018

Throughout this cycle, we’ve cataloged the growing problem national Democrats face: The Pelosi Problem.

Polls showing Nancy Pelosi as the most unpopular politician in every district across the nation were the spark. These polls asked people around the country to describe Pelosi and other national figures, including Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, and Donald Trump, as either “favorable” or “unfavorable.” Overwhelmingly, more voters described the Democratic leader from San Francisco as “unfavorable” rather than “favorable,” and moreso than they described any other politician as “unfavorable.”

But the Pelosi problem only grew from there. Nancy Pelosi became so toxic that members of her own party began disavowing her. In December, her famous gaffe regarding the sexual misconduct allegations against then-Rep. John Conyers’ led to multiple Democrats calling for her to step down.

Things continues to escalate. Pelosi’s political stunt on the House floor—when she refused to yield for 8 hours—not only accomplished nothing for her party, it led to fury among those who should support their leader—once-loyal followers among the Democratic Caucus. One by one, Nancy Pelosi’s cohorts dropped like flies, each additional member calling for a new era of Democratic leadership.

Today, one outlet took the liberty of compiling a (growing) list of Democrats who publicly oppose Nancy Pelosi’s leadership. Spoiler: It’s long.

This is the first post in a two-part series. To read the second iteration of this series, click here.

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