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NRCC | July 13, 2018

I know this is getting repetitive, but yet another Cuomo aide has been convicted on federal corruption charges – and this one has Anthony Brindisi’s fingerprints all over it.


  • Brindisi championed Andrew Cuomo’s plan to create a nanotechnology center for SUNY Polytechnic in Marcy led by Alain Kaloyeros, who has been convicted of fraud, bribery, bid-rigging and conspiracy.
  • Brindisi pushed for up to $585 million in tax dollars for the Nano Utica program, which has been dogged by a corruption investigation and unrealized job creation projections
  • In 2014, e-mails show Kaloyeros praised Brindisi for an “a-team effort,” leadership, commitment, and unwavering and proactive support for Nano Utica.

And let’s not forget Brindisi’s relationship with disgraced Speaker Sheldon Silver…

You can’t throw a rock in Albany without hitting a corrupt politician with ties to Anthony Brindisi.

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