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“Pieces of” what?
NRCC | July 19, 2018

According to the Washington Examiner: “From would-be sex therapist to musician in a band named Pieces of Fuck to Democratic nominee for Congress in Nebraska, Kara Eastman has had an interesting career trajectory.”

You can say that again.

According to audio recorded at a board retreat Eastman attended, Eastman recounts her… unusual career path, which included vocals for the band ‘Pieces of Fuck,’ and training to be a sex therapist with a specialization in sexual dysfunction treatment.

Given Kara’s far-left progressive politics, we thought we might propose some ideas for Pieces of Fuck’s next mixtape, featuring future mega-hits like:

  • Tax My Breath Away
  • Single Payer State of Mind
  • ICE, ICE, Abolish It
  • Unrestricted Abortion (That’s What I Want)
  • Baby I Need Your Guns Taken Away
  • Ain’t No Position Left Enough

Guess it’s safe to say Democrats won’t be turning to Eastman for messaging advice on their new midterm slogan anytime soon, amirite?

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