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what’s the deal?
NRCC | August 2, 2018

A new study on single-payer health care in New York reveals just how dangerously out of touch Anthony Brindisi is.

From the study:

  • The New York Health Act calls for $139 billion in new state tax revenue by 2022 — 156 percent more than what the state currently collects — through income and payroll taxes on both employers and individuals.
  • Under this tax schedule, many low-income people who currently receive Medicaid would pay more because their taxes would increase without the concurrent benefit of lower health care costs.
  • The roughly 700,000 people currently on the Essential Plan, which provides low or no-cost health insurance to those who earn less than twice the federal poverty line, would also pay more under this tax schedule.

Anthony Brindisi has consistently voted for single-payer plans in the State Assembly. His far-left agenda would result in astronomical tax increases and a complete government takeover of health care.

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