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urgent tax notice
NRCC | August 9, 2018

Matt Cartwright wants to raise taxes on his constituents while he refuses to pay his own.

Cartwright, who enjoyed a privileged upbringing and attended an elite Canadian boarding school, owns a 998-square-foot Washington, D.C. condo valued at nearly $800,000.

According to the Times-Tribune: In four of the last five years, including this year, Cartwright fell behind in paying taxes on the condo and a related parking space. He once received a notice threatening the condo’s sale, but eventually paid the taxes, plus penalties and interest.

Cartwright said his “busy job” is responsible, but he managed to find the time to vote against the first middle-class tax cuts for his constituents in more than 30 years…

This is exactly what I’d expect from someone who votes with Nancy Pelosi 96 percent of the time.

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