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“a sleazy campaign of deception”
NRCC | September 21, 2018

ICYMI, the Colorado Springs Gazette editorial board wrote a devastating editorial taking apart national Democrats’ false insinuation that Mike Coffman is anything but an independent voice for Colorado – and highlighting Jason Crow’s past defending the worst kind of white-collar criminals.

READ: Pelosi targets Coffman with sleazy campaign

Pelosi craves power and intends to get it by replacing a tireless defender of working-class Coloradans and veterans with a man whose clients defraud them. Let’s hope Pelosi and Crow don’t succeed in harming Colorado with a sleazy campaign of deception.

The paper also highlights Coffman’s many votes against his own party, as well as his work “to improve health care for all, protect Social Security, save Medicare, improve education, preserve the environment and support small businesses.”

National Democrats have tried every trick in the book to take out Coffman. It never works because Coloradans know he’s authentic, works hard, means what he says, and gets results. This year is no different.

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