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Regarding the illegal Aftab Pureval activity
NRCC | September 26, 2018

If Aftab Pureval wants to maintain that the poll was for both campaigns…

  1. Why is the polling memo entitled “Polling in OH-01 Shows Opportunity For Aftab Pureval”?
  2. Why do the “key findings” discuss the congressional race but don’t mention the Clerk of Courts race at any point?
  3. The only time Aftab Pureval’s position of Clerk of Courts was mentioned was in the context of how that title would influence a voter’s choice for Congress. Why is there no question about his Clerk of Courts race?

Timeline: The Pureval campaign initially claimed all of the spending in question was for his Clerk of Courts campaign.

8/13/2018: “Pureval told the Enquirer earlier this month that the $30,000 his county campaign spent in the first six months of the year relates to the clerk’s office. But The Enquirer found publicly available campaign finance reports that raise questions of whether Pureval used his clerk of courts campaign account for expenses in his federal race.” – (Cincinnati Enquirer)

9/18/2018: “Pureval’s campaign has said all of the spending was for the Clerk of Courts campaign.” – (Cincinnati Enquirer)

Then, during a Ohio Elections Commission meeting last week, a Pureval campaign attorney changed course and insisted the spending in question was for both his state and federal campaigns.

9/19/2018: After Wednesday’s meeting, officials from Pureval’s campaign showed copies of the un-redacted checks to reporters, and attorney O’Shea spoke briefly.

“Frankly, I haven’t seen the poll but what I can tell you is that polling can be done for both races,” O’Shea said. “There is no law that prohibits running for two offices at the same time, and that’s exactly what’s happening. Aftab is running for federal office and for re-election.”

“Is that poll for the federal race?” a reporter asked.

“It’s for both races,” O’Shea said. – (WCPO)

The Enquirer story, which published the polling memo, proves it was solely intended for his congressional campaign – which clearly contradicts the previous claims by Aftab Pureval.

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