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Yeah, right… uh huh. Sure.
NRCC | September 26, 2018

ICYMI, Kim Schrier really, really, really doesn’t want Washington state voters associating Nancy Pelosi with her campaign in any way – going to great lengths to avoid any appearances with the toxic Democratic Leader and refusing direct contributions from her.

That might be more convincing if Kim wasn’t caught secretly fundraising in person with Pelosi in Seattle earlier this month.

The fundraiser for the Pelosi-bankrolled DCCC that is spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on air to elect Schrier reportedly raised $900,000… which will find its way back onto Seattle airwaves… to support Schrier’s bid for Congress.

“Kim Schrier claiming she doesn’t support Nancy Pelosi is as laughable as it is transparent. The only reason Nancy Pelosi is pulling out the stops to elect Kim Schrier is because Nancy knows Kim will be a loyal foot soldier for her liberal agenda in Congress.” -NRCC Spokesman Jack Pandol

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