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laying low
NRCC | October 10, 2018

Have you seen Sharice Davids? Probably not, because she’s been dodging debates and avoiding the press and public.

But don’t take our word for it  – from KCUR:

“In the final month before the November elections, Republicans and some Democrats are asking: where is Sharice Davids?

… The knock on her campaign is that she’s not at many events and not particularly accessible to reporters.

Even Democrats in the district say Davids may be leery of the press, she’s not a natural campaigner and she may be getting bad advice about how to run for Congress in Kansas.

… Bob Beatty from Washburn says Davids’ lay-low strategy could backfire. ‘It’s a dangerous calculus for a challenger, though, because they don’t have that track record of winning. They don’t have a track record of reading their own polls, and if the polls are wrong, boy, are they going to regret it.’”

Davids cannot continue to hide behind emailed statements and closed events. She knows her liberal policies are a hard sell to Kansas voters, but Kansans deserve answers.

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