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this is sick
NRCC | October 30, 2018

With one week before Election Day, this headline from a local TV station is the last thing that Brendan Kelly wants to see: “Woman still seeking justice after she said a deputy raped her, twice.” Warning: this article is graphic and disturbing.
The woman who is still seeking justice took her case to St. Clair County prosecutors after she was raped a second time, assuming they would be on her side and deliver a strong punishment to her rapist. Instead, Brendan Kelly gave him a slap on the wrist. This is not hyperbole.


 But he was not charged with any sort of sex crime. Instead, St. Clair County prosecutors charged Sneed with two counts of official misconduct, which according to Illinois statute, carries a jail term of two to five years at best.
“More serious charges could have been brought,” said Louis Meyer, Jane’s attorney.
“This is a great deal for him. He could get probation on these charges and go free,” Meyer said.
Jane said she believes he is getting a sweetheart deal for now.
“He sexually assaulted me in my home, not only once, but twice. I don’t think that’s fair at all.”

After reading this sickening article, it could not be clearer that Brendan Kelly failed Illinois women as prosecutor. He will fail them again if he gets to congress. His record is shameful.

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