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Dean Phillips needs to cancel this event
NRCC | October 31, 2018

Hypocrite Dean Phillips is at it again. And he’s more tone-deaf than ever before.

The morning after top House Democrat Jim Clyburn gets hit with a wave of bad stories for campaigning with admitted domestic abuser Archie Parnell, Dean Phillips announces that he will also be campaigning with Clyburn.

Phillips and Clyburn will be having a conversation with faith leaders about “the issues impacting their communities and congregations, and what can be done to create a more respectful and inclusive discourse in politics and public policy.”

To begin creating a more respectful discourse, I’d suggest disavowing anyone who was caught viciously and repeatedly abusing their ex-wife. The NRCC is calling on Dean Phillips to cancel this event, denounce Jim Clyburn, and apologize immediately.  

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