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Pelosi: Tear down this (Tijuana) wall!
Camille Gallo | January 4, 2019

Still refusing to fund border security over the Democrats’ quest for open borders and their hatred for ICE, Nancy Pelosi took a new position, saying her extremist party opposes a border wall because it is an “immorality.”

Since Pelosi is ever true to her strongly held moral beliefs, this statement raises the question of whether the Speaker supports removing the barriers already in place on the southern border, such as the border fence separating San Diego and Tijuana in her home state of California.

After all, if it really has “nothing to do with politics,” and unless Pelosi is simply using superheated rhetoric to fire up the extremists comprising the Democratic Conference, she surely wants to be consistent.

NRCC Comment: “Speaker Pelosi, if you seek ‘morality,’ if you seek open borders between the United States and Mexico, if you seek radical immigration policies: come here to this wall. Speaker Pelosi, tear down this wall…or else stop trying to impress liberal donors, stop holding federal workers hostage and make a deal to reopen the government.” – NRCC Spokesman Bob Salera

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