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Confidential: Talkers for the press
Bob Salera | January 9, 2019

At Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer’s press conference earlier today, the media literally asked supporters of the Democratic leaders who were present if they agreed with Pelosi and Schumer or with President Trump on the issue of funding to secure the southern border.

Shockingly, the press didn’t get a chance to ask Pelosi and Schumer, who only took four questions, about their previous support for billions of dollars in funding to physically secure the southern border. Should the fourth estate feel compelled to cover both sides of the issue, here’s a few questions to ask:

  1. “Speaker Pelosi, you voted for $1.6 billion in wall funding and now call that immoral. How do you explain your shift in heart?”
  2. “Will you introduce a bill to demolish the wall between San Diego and Tijuana?”
  3. “Minority Leader Schumer – you voted to approve $8 billion for barriers across 700 miles of the southern border, but are now holding vital government services hostage. How do you explain that?”
  4. “Speaker Pelosi – has your caucus been completely overrun by radical liberals who want open borders?”
  5. “Should we abolish ICE?”

I hope this helps!

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