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REMINDER: The media still hasn’t asked Pelosi about wall flip flop
Bob Salera | January 10, 2019

For the second time in two days, Nancy Pelosi held a press conference addressing Democrats’ refusal to reopen the government in their radical quest for open borders. And for the second time in two days, the media didn’t ask a single question about why she now thinks building a wall on the southern border is an “immorality” after previously voting for $1.6 billion in wall funding.

Here’s a quick refresher in case the media forgot about Pelosi’s previous votes for wall funding (before the inmates took control of the radical asylum that is the current Democratic Party):


Nancy Pelosi voted twice to build new barriers along the southern border.

Voted for increased funding for border security fencing (June 1, 2011, Roll Call 387, Poe Amendment to H.R. 2017)

Amendment Text: Amendment increases funding for border security fencing and infrastructure by $10 million offset by a reduction in funding for the Office of the Under Secretary for Management by a similar amount.

NOTE: 122 Democrats voted in favor of the amendment

Voted to provide $1.6 billion for border security, including the construction of new fencing along the border (March 22, 2018, Roll Call 127, H.R. 1625)

From Congressional Quarterly: 

Of that funding, $1.6 billion is for construction of barriers along the U.S. border with Mexico, as part of President Trump’s proposed border “wall.”
Those funds would be used to replace current fencing and construct bollards and levee improvements along about 95 miles of the U.S.-Mexico border, with about 47 miles of new barriers and 48 miles of upgraded barriers, according to the Senate Appropriations Committee. Within that funding, $641 million will be for a new primary pedestrian fencing system along the Rio Grande Valley, $445 million is for replacing existing primary pedestrian fencing, and $251 million is to replace existing secondary fencing near San Diego.

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