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Katie Hill on CNN: ACA is step to Medicare for All
Torunn Sinclair | February 6, 2019

Katie Hill was on CNN yesterday and again reiterated her support for Medicare for All.

She told CNN’s Brooke Baldwin that “Medicare for All is the place we want to go, but how we get there is really important.”

She went on to say, “I’m someone who worked on the Medicaid expansion, the ACA implementation in California to a significant degree, and I’ve always said we must have the right process to get there (Medicare for All).”

Katie has also thrown her support behind Kamala Harris’ presidential campaign. Harris also supports Medicare for All and kicking Californians off their private health insurance plans.

Commenting on the endorsement, Brooke Baldwin said, “we know people, your constituents, care who you’re throwing your support behind.”

Brooke makes a good point, but Katie Hill’s constituents will also probably care that she wants to kick them off their health care plans.

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