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green new deaLOL
Carly Atchison | February 7, 2019

Hey there –

The extreme socialist Democrats are out with their “Green New Deal” plan today. And folks are busy pointing out how ridiculous their ideas are (see, e.g. HERE and HERE).

So…do vulnerable Democrats agree with the socialist Democrats’ plan to:

•    Ban air travel?
•    Retrofit or replace all 140 million+ buildings in the U.S. to make them “green?”
•    Ban energy sources that make up 83% of our electrical grid?
•    Eliminate millions of jobs in the energy industry?
•    Install chargers EVERYWHERE for the electric cars that middle class families can’t afford?

Oh, and they’re proposing to do all of this in the next ten (10) years.  And who will pay for it?

NRCC Comment: “Lol.

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