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if you like your house, you CAN’T keep it – Sean Patrick Maloney
Michael McAdams | February 7, 2019

Hours after the extreme socialist Democrats released their disastrous “Green New Deal,” Sean Patrick Maloney has signed on as a co-sponsor.

By announcing his support for the deal, Maloney is telling constituents he is more than happy to oversee a government takeover of the nation’s economy including everything from air travel to the electrical grid.

Not to mention, the plan calls for 140 million-plus buildings, including every single residence and business in NY-18, being retrofitted to make them “green.”

Your guess is as good as mine, as to who’s going to be paying for this, but the price tag so far is “trillions upon trillions of dollars.”

NRCC Comment: “With his decision to sign on as cosponsor of this disastrous plan, Sean Patrick Maloney has let folks know he is all in on the Democrats’ latest socialist takeover. The only thing the ‘Green New Deal’ will guarantee is higher taxes and bigger government.” – NRCC Spokesman Michael McAdams

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