NRCC Weekly Rundown: Dems propose banning cows

February 8, 2019


And here’s this week’s edition of the NRCC Weekly Rundown:

National: The NRCC released its list of offensive targets for the 2020 cycle, naming 55 soon-to-be former Democratic Members of Congress. Chairman Emmer put it best: “Freedom or socialism – that’s the choice in 2020.”

National: The House Democrats’ socialists sure were busy this week! Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez started her week gloating about her phone conversation with a British anti-Semite before proposing banning airplanes and rebuilding every building in America, then called for abolishing ICE. Meanwhile, Ilhan Omar continued her embrace of America’s enemies, blaming a terrorist attack on “US involvement in other people’s affairs.”

National: President Trump delivered a well-received State of the Union address, earning a 76% approval rating for his speech. The President framed the upcoming election as a choice between freedom and the Democrats’ dream of socialism.

National: In response to radical late-term abortion laws being passed by Democrats across the country, House Republicans are pushing for a vote on a bill to force medical professionals to provide care to newborns who survive an abortion. Will Democrats like Lauren Underwood, Conor Lamb, Kendra Horn and Matt Cartwright sign on or bow down to the radicals in their party?

AZ-01: Tom O’Halleran is already facing a primary challenge from the left as the socialist Democrats continue to take on the party’s establishment. And the DCCC is taking the bait, already meddling in the race on O’Halleran’s behalf. Pull up a chair, because the Justice Dems vs. DCCC food fight is going to be quite a show!

CA-21: Socialist Democrats sure are making things awkward for T.J. Cox, who has been outspoken about climate change! Cox represents one of the top cattle districts in the country, but the socialist Democrats’ Green New Deal seeks to ban flatulent cattle.

CA-25: Katie Hill doubled down on her support of eliminating private health care this week after endorsing Kamala Harris’ plan to do just that. And, much to Democrats’ dismay, Hill even went so far as to admit that Obamacare was the first step on the road to socialized medicine.

CA-48: Socialized medicine enthusiast Harley Rouda has suddenly gone silent on his support for Medicare For All. So what’s changed? Could it be that his colleagues are finally admitting their goal is to kick American families off of their health care?

GA-07: The Democrats got yet another failed candidate to announce for 2020. This time, Carolyn Bourdeaux announced she would once again run in the 7th District, saying she’s “coming back to finish the job.” Unfortunately for Carolyn, Georgians made clear they didn’t want her for the job in the first place.

NE-02: Another year, another predictable announcement that an Ashford is running for Congress. No, not that one! This time Ann Ashford, wife of failed former Congressman Brad Ashford, is running, setting up another nasty Ashford vs. Eastman primary.

NM-02: The New Mexico House joined radical Democrats in passing their own extreme abortion bill this week, much to the delight of former Planned Parenthood staffer Xochitl Torres Small. But will Torres Small support the Republican bill to protect newborns from post-birth abortion efforts being pushed by the socialists in the party?

NY-18: Sean Patrick Maloney signed on to be one of the initial co-sponsors of the socialist Democrats’ zany Green New Deal. So which part is Maloney’s favorite? Banning most sources of energy? Banning air travel? Replacing 140 million-plus buildings?

Virginia: Democrats in Virginia continued to disgrace themselves this week, with Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax and Attorney General Mark Herring joining Governor Northam in scandal. Through it all, Abigail Spanberger, Elaine Luria and Jennifer Wexton continue to hide from reporters and constituents and reporters instead of leading.

News and Notes

Republicans announce 55 House Democrats they will target in 2020
Republicans will be targeting 55 House Democrats in 2020, the majority of whom are new members, the National Republican Congressional Committee announced Thursday.

The lengthy target list, shared first with Roll Call, includes all 31 Democrats in districts President Donald Trump carried in 2020. The list also includes 20 districts that Hillary Clinton won in 2016 that were previously represented by Republicans.

“Freedom or socialism — that’s the choice in 2020,” said NRCC Chairman Tom Emmer said in a statement. READ

Fresh faces bring familiar GOP refrain: Dems are too extreme
House Republicans are amplifying an old but frequently reliable script as they fight to win back the lower chamber in 2020: Democrats, they contend, are simply too extreme to lead the country.

The argument is hardly new: GOP leaders and campaign operatives have, for decades, attacked Democrats for their liberal positions, particularly in the nearly 20 years that Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) has led the party.

But the arrival of an enormous new crop of Democratic freshmen — a group that features a handful of outspoken, liberal provocateurs — has only fueled the GOP’s appetite for branding the Democrats as out of touch with the voters they serve. READ

Here’s why Donald Trump attacked abortion in his State of the Union address
“The Democratic Party has become so extreme they are now openly supporting the murder of newborn babies,” Camille Gallo, spokeswoman for the National Republican Congressional Committee said last week after Democrats in Virginia pushed to loosen restrictions on abortions later in pregnancy. READ

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