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Ilhan Omar is the anti-Semite we thought she was
Michael McAdams | February 11, 2019

In a series of tweets over the weekend, Ilhan Omar has once again made her anti-Semitic views crystal clear.

Despite her consistent pattern of bigotry, House Democratic leadership has called her a “thoughtful colleagu[e].”

With the latest outburst, will Nancy Pelosi put her foot down and remove Omar from the Foreign Affairs Committee, or will she continue to sit back while anti-Semitism runs rampant in her caucus?

NRCC Comment: “Anti-Semitism and bigotry have no place in American politics. It’s time for Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats to get serious about the problem within their caucus, and removing Ilhan Omar from the Foreign Affairs Committee is the first step.” – NRCC Spokesman Michael McAdams

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