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the libs at PolitiFact strike again
Bob Salera | February 13, 2019

The liberal bloggers over at PolitiFact really did some logical gymnastics to defend radical anti-Semite Ilhan Omar’s bald-faced lie about workers’ pay.

Omar, at a congressional hearing, said, “That is the pay gap between the CEO that’s making $21.8 (million) to the $7,000 that a worker who has put in 40 hours a day gets paid.” Assuming that Omar hasn’t invented time travel and actually meant 40 hours a week, her claim would suggest that McDonald’s is paying their workers about $3.36 per hour, less than half of the federal minimum wage, which would be a huge scandal!

Clearly, Omar’s statement had no basis in reality. As PolitiFact’s own research shows, the average McDonald’s worker makes $9.21 per hour, nearly three times what Omar claimed. But since Omar is a Democrat, PolitiFact decided that what the mendacious Congresswoman was actually talking about when she said “a worker who has put in 40 hours a day,” was a worker who puts in 24.2 hours a week. And while even under that strained logic Omar would have been off by 71%, the liberal activists doing the “fact check” rated her nonsensical claim only “Mostly False.”

NRCC Comment: “Democrat Executive Director Aaron Sharockman and Editor Angie Holan have turned liberal blog PolitiFact into a national disgrace.” – NRCC Spokesman Bob Salera

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