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$125 trillion and counting…
Michael McAdams | February 27, 2019

House Democrats unveiled their latest socialist idea today: ‘Medicare for all.’

Democrats’ government takeover of the health care system will eliminate private insurance and turn trips to the doctor into a bureaucratic nightmare. And of course, they failed to include how much the disastrous plan will cost or a way to pay for it, but a previous study put the price tag at $32 trillion.

For those keeping track, Democrats’ two big initiatives, the Green New Deal and Medicare for all, have left taxpayers with an expected tab of $125 trillion.

There’s a reason nearly two-thirds of registered voters believe the Democratic Party supports socialism.

NRCC Comment: “Medicare for all will eliminate private insurance, make trips to the DMV look like a Caribbean vacation and cost taxpayers trillions. Good luck to the vulnerable House Democrats who will be forced to defend this $32 trillion boondoggle.” – NRCC Spokesman Michael McAdams

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