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Another failed candidate joins TX-24 race
Bob Salera | March 11, 2019

Per the Palo Pinto Democratic Party, failed Texas Agriculture Commissioner Kim Olson is throwing her hat in the ring for the Democrat nomination in TX-24, setting up a primary with perennial losing candidate Jan McDowell.

And McDowell is already throwing punches at her fellow Democrat saying, “But she lives in Mineral Wells…nowhere even close to our District! And no, quickly getting an apartment in the district while maintaining actual residence outside doesn’t really count.”

It’s going to be quite a contest to see whether Democrats decide to go with McDowell, a two-time loser who lives in the district or Olson, who’s only been rejected by voters once, but who lives elsewhere!

NRCC Comment: “What is it about Texas Democrats’ love affair with losing candidates? Whether Democrats nominate failed statewide candidate Kim Olson or failed congressional candidate Jan McDowell, their nominee will be an extreme liberal who will once again be rejected by Texans.” – NRCC Spokesman Bob Salera

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