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Do CA House Dems agree with Gov. Newsom on death penalty?
Torunn Sinclair | March 13, 2019

California Governor Gavin Newsom issued a moratorium on the death penalty in California today, even after Californians voted against repealing the death penalty in 2016.

This puts many of California’s House Democrats in a pickle, because their districts voted overwhelmingly AGAINST repealing the death penalty.

Californians voted against the repeal by more than 800,000 votes.

Check it out by congressional district:

  • 66.9% voted against repeal in CA-10 (now Josh Harder’s district)
  • 63.2% voted against repeal in CA-21 (now TJ Cox’s district)
  • 64.4% voted against repeal in CA-25 (now Katie Hill’s district)
  • 62.2% voted against repeal in CA-39 (now Gil Cisneros’ district)
  • 60.5% voted against repeal in CA-45 (now Katie Porter’s district)
  • 60.6% voted against repeal in CA-48 (now Harley Rouda’s district)
  • 57.8% voted against repeal in CA-49 (now Mike Levin’s district)


NRCC Comment: “If California’s House Democrats aren’t condemning Governor Newsom’s executive action, they’re standing with their fellow socialist Democrat and ignoring the will of California voters.” – NRCC Spokeswoman Torunn Sinclair

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