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Gov. Newsom’s death penalty ban
Torunn Sinclair | March 22, 2019

Governor Gavin Newsom has already put House Democrats in a political pickle by issuing a moratorium on the death penalty.

Now, Newsom wants to go a step further and bar prosecutors from even seeking the death penalty.

That probably won’t go over well in these Democrats’ district where voters overwhelmingly voted in 2016 to keep the death penalty.

  • Where do these Democrats stand on Newsom’s moratorium?
  • Where do these Democrats stand on Newsom’s plan to bar prosecutors from seeking the death penalty?

Here are those election results from the 2016 proposition.

  • 66.9% voted against repeal in CA-10 (now Josh Harder’s district)
  • 63.2% voted against repeal in CA-21 (now TJ Cox’s district)
  • 64.4% voted against repeal in CA-25 (now Katie Hill’s district)
  • 62.2% voted against repeal in CA-39 (now Gil Cisneros’ district)
  • 60.5% voted against repeal in CA-45 (now Katie Porter’s district)
  • 60.6% voted against repeal in CA-48 (now Harley Rouda’s district)

And here are some of the murderers Newsom and the socialist Democrats are seeking to protect:

Mother of girl, 9, found in duffel bag near Los Angeles charged with murder
Pomona man charged with murder of 11-year-old Inglewood boy in 1990 cold case
Suspect Caught In 1973 Newport Beach Murder Of 11-Year-Old Girl Thanks To DNA Evidence
Woman Gunned down In Chino, Ex-Boyfriend Wanted
Homicide victim stabbed near Fisherman’s Wharf was local homeless man
Oakland double-shooting suspect charged with murder
Man found dead in SF Bay was hanged, drugged, stuffed into suitcase, prosecutors say
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