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Tom Steyer’s influence on Katie Hill
Torunn Sinclair | March 28, 2019

You would think Tom Steyer’s hopes and dreams of impeaching President Trump died a painful death with the release of the Mueller report.

But Democrats like Katie Hill, who is vice chairwoman of the House Oversight Committee, are now spinning conspiracy theories to keep Tom’s dreams alive.

Hill made the outlandish claim this week that “highly suspicious” evidence about President Trump was missing from the Mueller Report.

Hill has not backed up this claim with actual evidence.

Is Hill spinning these conspiracy theories because Steyer dumped almost $4 million to elect House Democrats in California in 2018? Is it because Next Gen Climate Action spent $157,451 on Hill’s race. Maybe it’s because Next Gen ran an ad for Katie? Or maybe Hill is afraid of Steyer funding a primary challenge in CA-25?

These are all good questions for Katie.

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