Delgado demands government take over of health care

April 4, 2019

Not content with the disastrous state Democrats have left the health care industry, Antonio Delgado now wants to take Obamacare a step further with his introduction of “Medicare X.”

Delgado’s legislation would result in more government-run health care leaving folks with worse care at higher costs, and ignores experts’ warnings that “any type of public insurance option would drive private companies out of business, raise costs for employers and workers and increase budget deficits.”

NRCC Comment: “Whether it’s Medicare for All, which would eliminate private and employer sponsored health insurance plans, or Medicare X, which would raise costs and balloon deficits, the socialist Democrats’ health care ideas will create a health care system that resembles the DMV and that’s a nightmare no one deserves.” – NRCC Spokesman Michael McAdams