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TJ Cox uses business associate to defend campaign ethics violations
Torunn Sinclair | April 8, 2019

In case you missed it, local Fresno news program Sunday Morning Matters discussed TJ Cox’s campaign ethics violations on the show yesterday.

TJ of course couldn’t be there to defend himself, so TJ had business associate and Central Valley NMTC Advisory Board Member Oliver Baines there for him.

While Oliver serves as a board member of the Central Valley NMTC, TJ serves as President, COO and a board member. The Central Valley NMTC also provides  funding for the Central Valley Community Sports Foundation. The Foundation operates Granite Park, which a city of Fresno audit found is mismanaging money.

But, of course,Central Valley NMTC board member Oliver Baines thinks all these findings about TJ are just a “distraction,” to the work TJ is accomplishing in Congress.

Maybe Oliver would like to comment on the audit and his business association with TJ Cox?

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