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Even TJ’s tweets aren’t TJ’s fault!
Torunn Sinclair | April 9, 2019

The Twitter account of Congressman TJ Cox quote-tweeted some fake news over the weekend, and the tweet gained some major traction. TJ said President Trump called immigrants animals when in fact President Trump was calling MS-13 animals.

Does TJ not agree with President Trump that MS-13 members are “animals”?

This is the same MS-13 that has terrorized and brutally murdered constituents in TJ Cox’s district.

But instead of deleting the tweet, clarifying the tweet, or even apologizing for the tweet…. TJ blamed his staff.

TJ’s spokesman went on the record to take the blame, stating: “the congressman does not personally post his tweets.”

Here’s a list of other problems that TJ says aren’t his fault:
The “deficient to nonexistent” bookkeeping of Granite Park
The delinquencies of the Central Valley Community Sports Foundation
TJ’s $50,000 tax lien
TJ’s cheating on his taxes to take two homestead exemptions

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