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April 10, 2019

Hi there-

We decided to send Lucy McBath a gift to her real home in Tennessee and she was even nice enough to sign for it…at 10:45am on a workday! But apparently her office hasn’t returned multiple requests for comment on why she was at home in Tennessee and not Georgia.

Maybe reporters should ask McBath at her “listening session” next week?

Or try calling her Tennessee home?

In case you missed it…

GOP trolls ‘Georgia’ Dem over residency claims, gets her to accept gift basket at ‘real home’ in Tennessee
Fox News
Lukas Mikelionis
April 10, 2019

Georgia Democratic Rep. Lucy McBath was the target of some creative trolling by the Republican Party over her widely disputed claim that she actually lives in Georgia, after receiving and signing for a gift basket the GOP sent to her address — in Tennessee.

McBath, a racial justice activist who defeated Republican incumbent Karen Handel in November, has been dogged with questions since the election campaign on whether she actually lives in the state she now represents.

The state’s Cobb County Tax Commissioner’s Office, which refrained from issuing a decision during the election due to appeals, confirmed last month that McBath didn’t meet the requirements to call her Cobb County home her primary residence for the three tax years leading up to the election, meaning she was a Tennessee resident when she was elected to Congress.

To point out McBath’s deep Tennessean roots, the National Republican Congressional Committee sent a goody bag containing coffee infused with Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey, Memphis-style BBQ sauce and a hat of the Tennessee Volunteers to her Rockford, Tenn., home.

The lawmaker accepted the gift on Friday at 10:45 a.m. and signed for it. Fox News obtained a copy of the signature.

“We’ll say it again for the folks in the back: Lucy McBath is a resident of Tennessee, not Georgia. Instead of going to Georgia to meet and help her constituents, Lucy McBath jetted out of DC to her real home in Tennessee,” NRCC spokeswoman Camille Gallo said.

McBath’s office did not respond to Fox News’ repeated requests for comment.

The congresswoman disputed previous reports that she’s not a resident of Georgia, insisting that she only “briefly” lived in Tennessee or that she “recently” moved to Georgia.

Cobb County permits some residents to decrease their property tax liability through a homestead exemption to residents, an exemption McBath’s husband used since 2000.

Yet according to documents reviewed by, her husband has been ordered to pay back taxes for the last three years as the exemption was revoked for having vehicle registrations, voter registrations and driver’s license applications in other states.