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NRCC Weekly Rundown: Deadbeat Dems’ budget hypocrisy
Chris Pack | April 14, 2019

And here’s this week’s edition of the NRCC Weekly Rundown:

(National) Talk is cheap for the socialist Democrats who, despite swearing off corporate PAC money during their campaigns, are now enjoying fundraising tours through the offices of some of the most high-powered corporate lobbyists in Washington. A recent POLITICO report exposed the Democrats who are full of hot air, including Reps. Cindy Axne, Xochitl Torres Small, and California Rep. Gil Cisneros. I wonder if Katie Porter has any comment on her fellow Orange County Democrat’s flip-flop, especially since she has been hammering Wells Fargo as of late. 
(National) As if pushing for a government takeover of the economy with the Green New Deal and Medicare for All weren’t enough, Democrats are now attempting to take over the Internet with their new “net-neutrality” legislation. If the Democrats get their way, liberal bureaucrats will be in charge of setting prices and dictating how Americans use the Internet. Not only that, their efforts will lead to higher taxes, fewer options, and less innovation. Only the socialist Democrats could find a way to turn the Internet into a government-run nightmare…
(National) The socialist gong show in the House continues with the Democrats’ latest budget embarrassment. This week “Speaker” Nancy Pelosi had to postpone a vote on raising spending caps after intense bellyaching from de facto Speaker AOC’s clique. This fiasco comes after the socialist Democrats were unable to propose a budget because they can’t come to an agreement on how to pay for their ridiculous socialist ideas. So much for Nancy Pelosi’s worn out line: “Show me your budget, show me your values.”

(National) In his quest to turn America into Venezuela, ‘Crazy Bernie’ Sanders reintroduced his “Medicare for All” plan this week, which would leave America’s health care in the hands of liberal bureaucrats, worsen care, and raise costs. Sanders’ plan follows the socialist House Democrats, who introduced similar legislation with 107 cosponsors. On top of making private and employer-sponsored plans illegal and destroying the Medicare system seniors have paid into for decades, Sanders’ plan will cost $32 TRILLION. I wonder how the socialist Dems plan to pay for that boondoggle…

(California) Joseph James DeAngelo, the Golden State Killer who raped and killed more than a dozen women in California, was recommended for the death penalty yesterday. However, in March, California Governor Gavin Newsom placed a moratorium on the death penalty, and we have yet to hear where Josh HarderTJ CoxKatie HillGil CisnerosKatie Porter and Harley Rouda stand on his executive order. Do they think the Golden State Killer should face the death penalty? Or will they put politics over justice for the victims and their families?

(CA-21) Earlier this week, local Fresno news program Sunday Morning Matters took up TJ Cox’s campaign ethics violations as a topic of conversation. TJ, of course, didn’t show up to defend himself, opting to send business associate and Central Valley NMTC Advisory Board Member Oliver Baines instead. While Oliver serves as a board member of the Central Valley NMTC, TJ serves as President, COO, and sits on the board. The Central Valley NMTC also provides funding for the Central Valley Community Sports Foundation, which a Fresno audit found is mismanaging money. Would Oliver like to comment on the audit and his business association with TJ Cox?  

(CA-45) Turns out Katie Porter is full of hot air too. This week the California Democrat laid into JP Morgan’s CEO over the salary of bank tellers at Chase Bank. But, have you seen how much Katie Porter paid her campaign staffers during her 2018 campaign? It was even less than a Chase bank teller makes! Maybe Katie should practice what she preaches…

(GA-06) This week we decided to send Lucy McBath a gift to her real home in Tennessee, and she was kind enough to sign for it…at 10:45 am on a workday! After not returning multiple requests for comment on why she was at home Tennessee instead of Georgia, Lucy threw her elderly mother-in-law under the bus, saying she was the one who actually signed for the package. Tell that to FedEx, Lucy.

(IL-06Sean Casten showed his support for Nazis this week after tweeting that he wished H.L. Mencken were alive to have his own Twitter account. Maybe Casten forgot that Menken was a Nazi who enjoyed staying at resorts that kept Jews out, and was annoyed if Jews moved into his neighborhood? Or that Mencken was a white-supremacist who said black Americans are “essentially child-like” and “hard experience does not teach them anything”? If Casten supports Mencken’s disgusting, bigoted and racist hate speech, he’s unfit to serve in Congress.
(IL-13) Just five months after being rejected by Illinoisans, failed socialist candidate Betsy Dirksen Londrigan announced she will give it another go in 2020. Londrigan must think the radical agenda that propelled her to a loss in 2018 will break through to voters if she gives it another try. Good luck with that, Betsy!

(IL-14) After visiting the U.S. southern border, Lauren Underwood immediately appeared on MSNBC to whine on national television about the lack of “tools and resources” for DHS. Meanwhile, the socialist Democrats are refusing to even propose a budget that would fund DHS, and provide the very tools and resources Lauren says our southern border so desperately needs. If Lauren actually cares about the crisis on our southern border, maybe she should step up and demand her colleagues propose a budget.  

(MI-06) On Monday, Michigan Representative Jon Hoadley announced he will run for Congress in 2020 against Rep. Fred UptonHoadley, an open socialist who is inspired by bigots like Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib, has a platform that fits right in with the Democrats’ new agenda, including: 

Just a hunch, but I don’t think Michiganders are interested in decimating their own auto industry and paying more to lose their jobs and health insurance…
(Minnesota) Last week, in a huge leap to the left, the Minnesota House passed a controversial measure that would allow illegal immigrants to get driver’s licenses. So where do Reps. Angie CraigDean Phillips, and Collin Peterson stand on this issue? Do they believe immigrants should “play by the rules”? Or do they support their party’s decision to incentivize those who break the law?
(MN-07) Cranky Collin Peterson’s constituents are not happy with his vote against President Trump’s national emergency declaration at the border, asking: “The people of Minnesota ask this of Rep. Peterson, what’s more important to you? The safety of the people you represent or dangerous the illegal aliens who cross the border?” But, Cranky Collin took approximately $0 from Minnesotans last fundraising quarter. I guess he really couldn’t care less what Minnesotans in his district want!

(NM-02) This week on the socialist Democrats’ favorite morning show, Morning Joe, New Mexico Rep. Xochitl Torres Small refused to acknowledge the very real crisis on our southern border, and blamed the current issues on “a lack of initiative.” U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials have warned that the system has reached its “breaking point,” with Border Patrol stations at 300-400% capacity because of illegal border crossings. But, not surprisingly, Torres Small chose to bury her head in the sand by spewing liberal talking points instead of facing reality. 
(PA-07) Susan Wild has gone all-in on the Democrats’ agenda with her embrace of socialized medicine. After cosponsoring  “Medicare for All,” which would make private and employer-sponsored health care plans illegal, Wild doubled-down on government-run health care telling a reporter the private health care market is a “problem.”  A socialist health care system would be absolutely devastating for her 585,633 constituents, but at least Wild is consistent in her efforts to leave them with worse care and higher costs!
(VA-02) Elaine Luria’s hometown paper published an editorial demanding Congress provide funding for the Port of Virginia. Sounds nice, but Elaine and her band of socialist Democrats can’t get their Caucus together long enough to even propose a budget or raise spending caps, which any middle school student could tell you is one of Congress’ fundamental responsibilities.  So yeah…good luck with the Port of Virginia funding. Also, can someone ask Elaine why she is STILL hanging on to money from Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax? You know, the guy she believes is a rapist?
(VA-10) On Wednesday, the world saw the first-ever picture of a black hole, and Jennifer Wexton took it as a cue to get snarky on Twitter, writing: So THAT’S what happens to all of the bills we send to @senatemajldr! I guess Wexton forgot that she and her lazy socialist colleagues haven’t sent #CocaineMitch any substantial legislation for the past four legislative weeks. Cute, Jennifer. Better luck next time!
News & Notes 

The National Republican Congressional Committee has called Representatives Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib—the first Muslim women ever elected to Congress—“bigots” in a blog post published on its website Monday.
“Inspired by bigots like @IlhanMN and @RashidaTlaib socialist Jon Hoadley wants to run for Congress in 2020,” Carly Atchison, a press secretary for the NRCC, tweeted.
The social media post, which was retweeted by the NRCC account, included a link to a press update on the political committee’s website, titled “Omar protégé announces bid for Congress.” READ.
Hoadley to challenge Upton, would be 1st openly gay Michigan member of Congress
State Rep. Jon Hoadley (D-Kalamazoo) said he will announce today that he will seek the Democratic nomination to represent Michigan’s 6th Congressional District, challenging longtime incumbent U.S. Rep. Fred Upton (R-St. Joseph).
Hoadley’s announcement drew the attention of not just state, but national Republicans, as well, with National Republican Congressional Committee spokeswoman Carly Atchison tweeting that the state Representative is “inspired by bigots like” U.S. Reps. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) and Rashida Tlaib (D-Detroit).
In an official NRCC comment, spokesperson Carly Atchison wrote, “Jon Hoadley is an open socialist who would decimate the auto industry to advance his extreme ideology. Michiganders are not interested in paying more to lose their jobs and their health insurance.” READ.
Democratic congresswoman cannot bring herself to say there is a crisis at the border
It is not enough for the anti-Trump Resistance to oppose the Trump administration’s policies. A true resister must also oppose statements of fact, so long as they are uttered by the president.
This adherence to total opposition, even to the point of the absurd, is the only explanation for why Democrats and their allies in the press refuse to concede that there is indeed a crisis at the U.S. southern border.
Rep. Xochitl Torres Small, D-N.M., for example, declined to say Tuesday whether there is an ongoing humanitarian crisis at the border stemming from mass immigration and efforts by U.S. officials to control it. Rather, the congresswoman would say only that lawmakers and immigration officials face some “real challenges,” as if she were discussing an obstacle course.
“So as you mentioned, I grew up along the border, and I’m actually the only member of the Homeland Security Committee that represents a district along the U.S.-Mexico border,” the congresswoman said during an appearance on MSNBC. “So I see real challenges we are facing, and those challenges are getting bigger as we see more and more families voluntarily presenting along the border.” READ.

GOP trolls ‘Georgia’ Dem over residency claims, gets her to accept gift basket at ‘real home’ in Tennessee
Georgia Democratic Rep. Lucy McBath was the target of some creative trolling by the Republican Party over her widely disputed claim that she actually lives in Georgia, after receiving and signing for a gift basket the GOP sent to her address — in Tennessee.
McBath, a racial justice activist who defeated Republican incumbent Karen Handel in November, has been dogged with questions since the election campaign on whether she actually lives in the state she now represents.
The state’s Cobb County Tax Commissioner’s Office, which refrained from issuing a decision during the election due to appeals, confirmed last month that McBath didn’t meet the requirements to call her Cobb County home her primary residence for the three tax years leading up to the election, meaning she was a Tennessee resident when she was elected to Congress.
“We’ll say it again for the folks in the back: Lucy McBath is a resident of Tennessee, not Georgia. Instead of going to Georgia to meet and help her constituents, Lucy McBath jetted out of DC to her real home in Tennessee,” NRCC spokeswoman Camille Gallo said. READ.
House recruiter to GOP: ‘Do a better job of looking like America’
Indiana Rep. Susan Brooks made a point of telling her Republican colleagues this week about several new candidates who are women and people of color. 
“It’s important that we, as a conference, do a better job of looking like America, and better representing the very diverse country that we have,” Brooks, the National Republican Congressional Committee recruitment chair, told Roll Call after Tuesday’s meeting of the GOP conference.
Brooks said she told lawmakers it was important to recruit a diverse group of challengers for the 2020 election following devastating losses in 2018. She said she is well aware that just 13 of the 197 House Republicans are women and just 11 are not white. READ.
McCarthy holds courtesy meeting with ex-Rep. Grimm
House GOP leader Kevin McCarthy (Calif.) huddled Wednesday with former Rep. Michael Grimm, the former New York lawmaker and convicted felon eyeing a comeback in 2020.
“Grimm requested the meeting ahead of a run as a courtesy. As a general practice, McCarthy reciprocates meeting requests with candidates,” said McCarthy spokesman Matt Sparks.
Rep. Tom Emmer (R-Minn.), the head of the House GOP’s campaign arm, said he did not have a meeting with Grimm on his schedule but is staying out of the primary for New York’s 11th district, which includes all of Staten Island and part of South Brooklyn.
Emmer had no comment about Grimm’s potential entry into the race.
“We have a couple of great candidates there. We don’t get involved in primaries. We’re not involved,” Emmer, the chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC), told The Hill. READ.
How Republicans are using Ilhan Omar for political gain
The episode demonstrated a new reality for Washington: In a few months, Omar has displaced Nancy Pelosi as the Republicans’ favorite liberal boogeyman, a new face the GOP can weaponize in an attempt to depict the entire Democratic party as extreme and out-of-touch.
This puts Democrats in a difficult position: either defend their colleague against Republican attacks or to keep at arm’s length a controversial member who engages in over-the-top rhetoric many Democrats consider problematic or even bigoted. For her part, Omar seems to be at once surprised at becoming a polarizing figure while also embracing the role. READ.

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