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UPDATE: Eastman flops in Q1 too
Bob Salera | April 15, 2019

Just an update – the other Nebraska socialist in the NE-02 race, Kara Eastman, filed her first quarter report, and it appears the Democratic primary will be a race to the bottom.

Eastman raised just $39,542 in the first quarter, showing there’s no appetite for her retread candidacy, even among the socialist Democrat base.

Compare the embarrassing totals for Eastman and Ashford to Rep. Don Bacon’s first quarter total of $370,693 and it’s clear national Democrats’ tough talk of going on offense in Nebraska is nothing but bluster.


Ann Ferlic Ashford’s first quarter fundraising report is in, and it’s sure not pretty!

Ashford raised an anemic $36,465 in her first quarter as a candidate, with nearly a quarter of that total coming from Ashford herself or family members.

Things sure aren’t looking good for Ashford as she attempts to avenge her husband’s 2018 primary loss to fellow socialist Kara Eastman!

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