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facts hit Josh Gottheimer in the face
Michael McAdams | April 16, 2019

Josh Gottheimer and the socialist Democrats have continued to falsely vilify the GOP tax cuts that provided Americans with more money in their pockets.

And with Tax Day come and gone, there are some uncomfortable facts emerging that directly contradict Gottheimer’s bogus narrative.

According to The Journal News, “a study by H&R Block indicated that among the more than 10 million H&R Block customers who filed by March 31, the average tax liability nationwide was down 25 percent while refunds were up 1 percent. Block’s New Jersey customers showed the largest average decline nationwide in tax liability: 29 percent.”

NRCC Comment: “Josh Gottheimer should be ashamed of the fear-mongering bogus he’s spewed when it comes to the GOP tax cuts. Gottheimer and his fellow socialist Democrats can’t be trusted to put the well-being of middle-class Americans above false partisan talking points.” – NRCC Spokesman Michael McAdams

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