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Wisconsinites: Ron Kind is a dud
Carly Atchison | April 17, 2019

Ron Kind is a dud, according to the Wisconsinites he represents.

In addition to hitting their representative for his nonexistent stance on illegal immigration and failure to delineate solutions, his constituents are “increasingly disappointed by Kind’s passiveness.”

(Though to be fair, Kind isn’t passive when it comes to his desire to impeach President Trump.)

In case you missed it…

William Beres: Keep an eye on our representatives
La Crosse Tribune
William Beres (Onalaska)
April 17, 2019

I agree with Eugene Smithart’s letter (Tribune, April 10) regarding Rep. Ron Kind’s and Sen. Tammy Baldwin’s stances (or lack thereof) on illegal immigration. Like Smithart, I believe legal immigration benefits this country while unfettered illegal immigration threatens it. Platitudes and party generalities are worthless and the failure of our representatives to delineate their own solutions to a critical issue does a disservice to their constituents.

I am increasingly disappointed by Kind’s passiveness in Congress. Congressman, your seat is secure and you are a relatively senior member. This district that was well represented by Republican Steve Gunderson and, I believe, is similarly served by you. However, you need to become far more aggressive and vocal in bringing your party and Congress back to center with the help of moderate Democrats and Republicans alike.

I would also take issue with the Tribune and the reporting of national issues.

Instead of newswire stories and columnists whose commentary is entirely predictable, why not offer a monthly column to the incumbent congressman, a local representative of the opposing party and each senator tasking them to specify, one column and issue at a time, their positions on and proposed solutions to matters such as Social Security, immigration and the national debt? The Tribune should also report every vote our representatives make and the subject matter of those votes. That would a true public service. Semper Fi Mr. Smithart. Run for Congress.

You’ll have my vote.

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