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Charlie Crist-The Socialist Democrats’ Congressman
Camille Gallo | April 18, 2019

When Charlie Crist was Florida’s governor he ran as “The People’s Governor” and now proudly refers to himself as “The People’s Congressman.” Through his long political career he’s claimed to put “people over politics,” and that being loyal to a political party over the people is wrong.

But it looks like Charlie has ditched this conviction quicker than he’s switched political parties by joining the DCCC’s leadership team with the main goal of electing more socialist Democrats to Congress.

So much for putting people over politics, right?!

NRCC Comment: “Charlie Crist is going to need a new catchy campaign slogan. By joining the DCCC’s leadership team, Charlie has proven he’d rather be a party boss for the socialist Democrats than represent the people of Florida.” –NRCC Spokeswoman Camille Gallo

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